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Beauty Care & Makeup Tips

Spring 2010 Makeup Tips – Choosing the Right Bronzer

Spring 2010 Makeup Tips - Choosing the Right Bronzer

The warm days of Spring are right around the corner, which means your skin may need a little boost without a trip to the tanning bed. Applying bronzer to your face and décolleté can help you achieve that sun-kissed glow you crave without damaging your skin.

Spring 2010 Makeup Tips - Choosing the Right Bronzer

Whether you have fair, olive-toned or dark skin, here’s how to choose the right bronzer for that sun-kissed look you need this Spring:

  1. Use a powder bronzer that blends into your foundation. If you’re planning on wearing foundation for the day, make your skin glow by applying a powder bronzer over your foundation and blend it in with a big puffy brush. This will not only create a more mattified look, but will also leave your skin looking smooth and silky.
  2. Use a bronzing stick for travel. Avoid the hassle of having to stash a clean brush and compact when traveling and reach for a bronzing stick instead. The NARS Multiple Bronzer is a good match for most skin types, and it blends with most types of foundation and moisturizers fairly easily. Just apply it under your makeup and blend with a soft sponge to create a natural-looking glow.
  3. Save the shimmer for nighttime. Shimmery bronzers are among the top beauty trends for Spring 2010 makeup collections, but they can look very artificial by day. Save the glitter for the evening if you want to create a more natural bronze-goddess look by day.
  4. Stick with a sheer cream bronzer for your neck and décolleté. When you want to create the faux tan for the neck and décolleté areas, apply a sheer cream-based bronzer and mix it with your regular moisturizer for the most natural look. This will help you create a smooth base that looks natural and blends right into your jaw line.
  5. Dust eyelids and cheeks with an illuminating powder. Try Bobbi Brown’s Illuminating Bronzing Powder if you don’t want to use an all-over bronzer this spring. Dust the bronzer onto your eyelids, cheeks and forehead to create a glow that doesn’t look overdone.
  6. Use a water-resistant bronzer for the beach. If you’re beach bound this Spring, reach for a water-resistant bronzer that will help you create a natural glow even when you’re sweating or taking a dip in the ocean. The CARGO Water Resistant Bronzer is a good match for any woman on-the-go, and doubles as a bronzing powder when you want to hit the gym sans makeup.

Whether you’re traveling over spring break or need a bronzer to brighten up your look at the office, there are several things to consider before adding a bronzer to your spring 2010 makeup collection. Use these tips to choose the right bronzer for your needs and skin types, and get ready to get your glow on the right way.

Makeup Tips: How the Celebs Get Stunning Eyes

Makeup Tips: How the Celebs Get Stunning Eyes

Our eyes display our personality and emotions, so why not draw special attention to who we are? A little eyeshadow and mascara can do wonders for framing our eyes, and bringing out their vibrancy. We can learn from our favorite celebrity beauties, whose makeup artists know just how to play up this soul-revealing feature.

Makeup Tips: How the Celebs Get Stunning Eyes

Traditional Hollywood Glamour:

Think iconic Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, and Jayne Mansfield, followed by modern glamorous ladies Kate Winslet, Vivica Fox and Anne Hathaway. With bold red lip color as a strong focal point, the eyes need to pop without a lot of color. This doesn’t mean the eyes get neglected.

Strong brows:

The ’40s glamour look depends on a defined brow. Celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey told Cosmopolitan that she uses Lancôme Le Crayon Poudre brow powder to add color without creating a harsh line. Ulta has a slightly less expensive option from Pur Minerals.

Neutral shadow:

Anne Hathaway and Vivica Fox go with neutral shadow (Stila has a shade for every skin tone) and a lot of smudgy black liner. Makeup artist Dempsey used frosted white shadow for Kate Winslet’s red carpet glamour look. Try BareMinerals wet/dry eye shadow in Snow White. Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, recommends Giella’s b-dazzle to brighten the inner corners of the eye.

Thick lashes:

Dramatic, thick black lashes are essential to the Hollywood glamour look. Celebrity makeup artist Tom Pecheux used Estee Lauder’s TurboLash for Charlize Theron’s Vogue cover.

Sexy Smoky Eyes:

The smoky eye doesn’t have to be reserved for nighttime wear, and it doesn’t have to be in the black/gray palette, either. It’s all about blending two shades from the same color family together, and choosing flattering tones. While Halle Berry uses the more traditional shimmering silver and deep gray, Natalie Portman blends pale pink and plum.

Go green:

“Big Love’s” Amanda Seyfried modeled smoky looks for “InStyle,” including an intriguing blend of greens. Makeup artist Mariel Barrera used an emerald shade on the lid, and then an iridescent teal in the crease, and smudged along the lower lash line. Barrera urges plenty of blending to get the colors to “melt together.”

Curled, dark lashes:

Barrera recommends curling your lashes, then applying two coats of Giorgio Armani mascara. For the budget version, try Rimmel’s Volume Flash.

Vibrant Fun:

Bright, shocking blues have been seen adorning the eyes of runway models and music stars like Beyonce and Katy Perry. The bolder, the better, and go for a little shimmer, too.

Layer it on. Elle magazine recommends brilliant shadows in colors such as aquamarine, marine blue and Freak Show. Runway makeup artist James Kaliardos recommends a base of cream shadow before dusting on a powdered shade.

Frame the eye by shadowing the lid, crease, and a noticeable sweep along the lower lid. Keep everything above the crease neutral or with a pale highlighter shade.

How to avoid the dreaded blue powder streaks on your face? Use the prefolded edge of a tissue as a guide when you apply color along your lower lid. You’ll get the curve you want, and the loose powder will fall onto the tissue. Dust a little translucent powder under your eyes before you begin, and then sweep it away with a big brush afterward to pull up any stray blue.